Ten years of National Day big data revealed: Who is the brightest star in ETF?

The chief helm of the ETF will be in a few days, and the annual National Day is coming.
As one of the longest holidays of the year, the issue of holding a holiday or holding a holiday will inevitably haunt every investor.
Holding the currency is afraid of missing the rise before and after the holiday, and the stock market is worried about the uncontrollable market after the holiday. It is really a dilemma.
So, in the face of this situation, how should investors be right?
  The owner of this rudder feels that market historical data can point everyone to a clear path.
  十一小假期,A股普涨好时节  以过去十年期间指数在国庆前的表现为观察周期,Wind统计数据显示:国庆前后,上证综指、沪深300等各大指数胜率均有不错的Win rate.
  表1 国庆前N天A股主要指数上涨的概率(近十年)  表2 国庆后N天A股主要指数上涨的概率(近十年)  数据来源:Wind,2009年-2018年  说明:鉴于创业The base date of the board index is May 31, 2010, and the statistical cycle of the win rate of the ChiNext index is nearly 9 years.
  It can be seen that the closer to the National Day, the higher the probability of the index rising. In the two trading days before the National Day, the stock market is expected to usher in a big market explosion.
The probability of the major indexes rising in the two days before the holiday is generally between 80% and 90%, which is equivalent to saying that in the two days when entering the market, there is a probability of profit of 80% to 90%!
  And with the long vacation gradually drifting away, the stock market also has a great probability to start a good momentum of rising all the way.
On the first trading day after the holiday, the winning percentages of the major indexes are generally not less than 70%. In the three trading days after the National Day, the winning percentage has soared again to 802% -90%!
This is equivalent to saying that holding stocks will not step on the pit, but hope to harvest a good market!
For Jimin, if you want to go up with the market and make a lot of money during the holiday carnival, buying a stock ETF may be the best choice!
  Who is the brightest star in an ETF?
  There are many types of stock ETFs, and a wide range of broad-based 北京夜网 ETFs, industry ETFs, and theme ETFs are on the market.
In the National Day general rise, all types of ETFs will not be bad, but which ones are most worth buying?
  May wish to look at the average gains of various broad-based indexes, industry sectors and thematic concepts during the week before and after the National Day. I believe that everyone will know it after reading it.
  宽基ETF:上证50、沪深300等表现出色  从近十年的统计数据来看,沪深300、上证50、深证成指在国庆前后一周的平均涨幅更胜一筹,短短两周,The average increase of all three types of indexes exceeded 3%.
  表3 主要指数国庆前后一周平均涨幅&代表ETF(近十年)  数据来源:Wind,2009年-2018年  说明:鉴于创业板指基日为2010年5月31日,创业板指的涨跌幅The statistical period is nearly 9 years.
  In terms of products, the ETFs that track the CSI 300 mainly include the Huaxia CSI 300 ETF and Huatai Barry CSI 300 ETF. Both ETFs are worth more than 10 billion yuan. They are well-deserved CSI 300 ETF star products. The main ETFs that track the Shanghai 50There are Huaxia SSE 50ETF and ICBC SSE 50ETF. Among them, the Huaxia SSE 50ETF is the largest ETF on the market so far; the ETFs that track the Shenzhen Component Index mainly include the Southern Shenzhen Component ETF and the Dacheng Shenzhen Component ETF.
  行业ETF:地产、医药等数据靓丽  从行业指数近十年的统计数据来看,在有相应ETF的行业中,地产、银行、医药等行业表现最好,其中,房地产、银行行业在国庆前后一周The average increase was over 2%.
  表4行业板块国庆前后一周平均涨幅&代表ETF(近十年)  数据来源:Wind,2009年-2018年  具体到产品方面,跟房地产行业的ETF主要有华夏上证金融地产ETF、南方中证全指Real estate ETFs; ETFs that track the banking industry are mainly Huabao CSI Bank ETF and Huitianfu CSI Bank ETF; ETFs that track the pharmaceutical and biological industry are mainly Huaxia Shanghai Securities Pharma ETF and Huitian Fu CSI Medical ETF.
  主题ETF:消费主题一枝独秀  从各类主题近十年的统计数据来看,在有相应ETF的主题概念中,消费、央企、科技龙头主题表现最好,其中,消费主题一枝独秀,在国庆前后一周的The average increase has reached 2.
twenty two%.  表5主题概念国庆前后一周平均涨幅&代表ETF(近十年)  数据来源:Wind,2009年-2018年  具体到产品方面,跟消费主题的ETF主要有华夏上证主要消费ETF、汇添富中证The main consumer ETFs; the ETFs that follow the central enterprise theme are the Huaxia Central Enterprise Structure Adjustment ETF and the Yinhua Central Enterprise Structure Adjustment ETF; the ETFs that track the leading technology theme are mainly the Huabao CSI Technology Leading ETF.
  Overall, no matter whether it is a wide-base index, an industry index, or a theme concept, there are good performances before and after National Day. In addition to the carnival of the small holiday, if you choose to hold the holiday, you can make a big profit!
  There are countless choices in life, and investment is the same. In front of every choice, the owner of the rudder uses data to make decisions for himself. Are you the same?