Body Whitening Food Recipe Yam Grape Porridge

Everyone wants to have white skin, so as to enhance self-confidence and make a good impression on others.

So, are there any dietary methods?

If there is a diet method, we can use these recipes three meals a day to achieve the effect of whitening skin and supplementing nutrition.

Below, I recommend to you several body whitening diet recipes.

  Body whitening diet recipe yam grape porridge whitening magic composition of raw yam slices 50 grams, lotus seed meat 50 grams, raisins 50 grams, a small amount of sugar.

  Method and usage will boil three things together into porridge, such as confectionery.

The three things will also be smashed into mud and added with sugar.

  Efficacy and application: It can make your skin look good, anti-aging, bodybuilding, and has the effect of making the skin tender and white.

Tonic fitness, spleen and heart.

Heart palpitations caused by inadequate heart and spleen, yellow and white complexion, thin body, etc. can be eaten.

  Note: Chinese yam and lotus seeds are good for temper, and can make the skin delicate and shiny; dextrose is dry and smooth, it is good for qi, and nourish blood.

Therefore, the combination of three kinds of food can strengthen the heart and spleen, which is very suitable for those with chronic illness.

  Taro white rice porridge whitening recipe consists of 100 grams of taro, 50 grams of white rice, brown sugar amount.

  Method and usage First, wash and peel the taro, cut into small pieces, cook with rice to make porridge, porridge to mash the taro pieces into a mud, add sugar for breakfast.

  Efficacy and application: Shengji longiyiqi wide intestine, spleen and kidney, the function is like yam.

Those who are weak in the spleen and kidney can be used as supplements and often eat vertical beauty.

  Note: According to ancient records, there are 14 types of taro.

The taro that is eaten today is the “gan” in the Compendium of Materia Medica.

Ganta varieties have small poisons, and have the effect of breaking blood stasis, which should be distinguished.

   Cabbage whitening Fresh cabbage can be cut into slices and applied to the face. It has the function of turning black skin into white.

  White melon seed kernels Whitening melon seed kernels 5g, orange peel 6g, peach blossom 12g, flour mixture, grind the material into fine powder, mix with rice soup after meals, 3 times a day, even for several months, the surface can be changedIt was white and tender.

  Goji berries whitening fresh 120 grams.

60 grams dried.

Dehydrate the tea with an appropriate amount of wolfberry and water, add pears or apples to whiten pears or apples in an unfixed amount, flour in an appropriate amount, mash the pears or apples, mix in the flour, and gently spread the surface evenly to make the skin and skin delicate.

  Watermelon Seed Kernel Whitening Watermelon Seed Kernel 50g, Osmanthus 200g, Orange Peel 100g Method: Mix the ingredients and grind them into fines, take with rice soup 3 times a day, one spoon each time, start one month laterTurn white.

  Tomato Juice Whitening Appropriate amount of tomato juice, add a little sugar, mix well and apply it on the skin of the exposed parts of the face and hands to make the skin white and delicate.

  Cucumbers are for people with dry skin. Before washing their face every morning, wipe the face with cucumber juice and put the dark spots on the shells to fade. Squeeze the cucumbers and squeeze the juice, and rub it on the wrinkle and streaks. Once a day, long-term adherence can convergeSkin wrinkles; use cucumber and milk to cook the juice together and apply it to the face every two days to make the skin smooth and white.

  Watermelon peel whitening Please do n’t throw away the remaining watermelon peel. It can be used to scrub the skin on your face.

After a few minutes, rinse with water and apply a little face cream.

Long-term adherence can make the skin fair and delicate.

  Black Sesame Honey Whitening Black Sesame 15g (smashed), pour into honey.

30 grams of milk each, taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Can cure elderly or women with postpartum constipation, but also has a cosmetic substitute.

  Is it easy to make the body whitening therapy shared above?

The ingredients used in these dietary treatments are not expensive and are also called nutrition. Whitening the body through dietary therapy is indeed a good choice.