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[How to make dried radish sticks is delicious?
】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

People often eat dried radish strips, which are usually placed with white radish. White radish is a very cheap vegetable. Eating white radish can promote digestion. Many people now have indigestion, which is usually accompanied by constipation.It is prone to a lot of food waste and some toxins will accompany it, so it is very harmful to health. Eating more radish has good curative effects. So how to make dried radish sticks to eat?

How to make dried radish sticks?

Wash and drain the radishes, don’t need to remove the skin. Wipe the dirty and unclean place with a wire ball for a few times to remove the top layer.

Cut the radishes into thin strips about one inch long, and flatten them in a ventilated place in a bamboo basket for 3 days.

Sprinkle the salt and some allspice on the semi-dried radish strips and knead until there is a little water and the allspice powder evenly covers the dried radish surface.

The dried radishes are stuffed into a glass bottle, tightly.

Pour the water from the dried radish every day for the next few days.

Store in a sealed refrigerator.

Note: Be sure to dry the radish first and then add salt and spiced powder. If you add the seasoning first, the moisture exuded by the radish will dilute the seasoning, but it will not taste and get dirty.

After drying, the dried radishes are tight and crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. This taste level is the best. Adding seasoning will not affect the taste.

After adding the seasoning, it is very important to massage the dried radish fiercely, to help continue the water and taste, and let the taste kill.

Spice powder should not be added, otherwise it will cover the sweetness and special earthy aroma of radish itself.

Don’t add more salt, it’s just a little heavier than usual, because the water from the radish will dilute some of the salt.

Green radishes or white radishes can be used to make dried radishes. Green radishes are thicker and tougher and more brittle.

The radish strips should not be cut too thin, because dehydration and pickling will greatly reduce the dry volume of the radish.

Of course, you can’t cut it too thickly.

The practice of drying radish strips: 1 white radish 2 cut strips hanging in the sun 3 sun drying 4 seasoning 5 dried radish strips 6 knead with salt 7 evenly 8 and then rinse with water to dry the water 9 dried radish stripsSuitable for fried meat, fried bacon, fried eggs, cold dressing, marinating and so on.