People with diabetes drink milk or cereal

People with diabetes do not prevent eating fruits and high fiber supplements together to increase satiety. This can reduce the impact of blood sugar entering the body on the island of blood plasma, and the blood sugar rises more slowly.

For example, eating coarse grains such as cereals or drinking milk while eating fruits can make blood sugar rise slowly.

  The average diabetic person eats two or two fruits per day. If the disease is mild or younger patients can eat four or two.

So how to reduce staple food?

It can be converted like this: 2 The conversion of two fruits is equivalent to one or two rice (cooked rice).

However, because of the variety and origin of the fruit, the scores produced by it also change. For example, watermelon has a fast blood sugar rate after eating. Two watermelons are equivalent to one or two meters of rice, as are cantaloupe and melon.

Like stone fruits such as peaches, plums, etc., due to the characteristics of the fruit itself, the blood sugar rises more slowly than watermelon after eating. Can it be 2?
3 Two fruits transform into one or two rice.

  Alkaline cherries, strawberries, figs, and kiwis have reduced sugar content. You can also eat 3 or 2 and lose 1 or 2 rice.

For diabetics, the preferred fruit should be nuts, such as apples, pears, and hawthorn. They contain high fructose, low glucose, and slowly increase blood sugar. Can you eat 3?
4 reduce one or two rice.