Folk treatment of baby cold

Cold is a common disease in children. For the treatment method, folk extra methods are also feasible. Here are some common folk treatment methods.

  Umbilical stuffing is a method in which medicine is placed on the navel to exert its effect.

For wind-heat type colds, you can use 30 grams of light white and 15 grams of forsythia to smash them together. Put gauze on the navel, and when you are about to sweat, give your child a little warm water to promote sweating.

For cold cold type, use light white 30g, 1 slice ginger, 5 pepper
7 capsules.

Smash the 3 flavors together, put them in a gauze bag, fill them on the navel, and drink warm boiled water at the same time to help drive the cold and remove them after sweating.

  The first method of gripping the palm is the method of gripping the cold: it is suitable for young children to catch cold from the wind.

  The medicine is mint, 15 grams of windproof, 2 slices of ginger (not used for sore throat).

First smash the mint and windproof, then mix the ginger with mud, add a small amount of boiling water to thicken, and put in two 7?
Inside a small gauze bag of about 10 centimeters, put it on the palms of the children, and wrap it with a long gauze externally, about 15?
Let go for 20 minutes.

  The second is the anti-fever grip method: allow young children to catch colds, slight fever or cough.

  The medicine is mint, 9 grams of lotus root, 6 grams of orange.

Smash it together, mix well with boiling water, pack two gauze bags, hold the same method as above, and even hold the drug in your palm to absorb the drug.

  The pinch rub method is suitable for children with colds and fever, or sweat can not be closed.

Medicinal scallion white 100 grams, mint leaves 6 grams, rice wine 150 ml.

Put the shallot white in clean stone sand, pour 200 ml of warm boiling water, smash and pour the juice into a clean cup, add mint leaves, pour the stewed hot yellow rice wine and stir well, then use a soft silk cloth or disinfectionGauze dipped in this medicinal solution, gently rubbing the sides of the nose, rubbing both temples, the seventh cervical spine (slightly flat with the shoulders), squeezing both sides of the spine and tailbone, rubbing the elbows, legs, and palms.

20 times, remember to use light force and even and moderate strength.

  The application method is suitable for pediatric wind and cold.

Take 10 fresh ground dragons into the bowl, sprinkle with an appropriate amount of sugar. After a while, the ground dragon died due to extravasation of body fluids, and then add an appropriate amount of flour to reconcile into a paste to make two medicinal cakes with a diameter of 3 cm.And Shenxian acupoints, each post 4?
6 hours, 2 times a day, even 2?
Effective for 3 days.