Baby sleeps upside down, mother is upset

We often hear that some novice parents are frustrated, my baby is upside down day and night, and sleep is good during the day and night.

Parenting experts said that this is because newborn babies have just faced this strange world, and sleep regulation is not yet mature, so it is prone to sleep upside down.

  To solve the problem of upside down day and night, to arrange a comfortable and quiet sleeping space for the baby is the first task.

  After the external environment is properly arranged, the next step is to watch the work of parents.

The following tricks are suggested to deal with the “Yelanger” who is upside down day and night: 1.

Make a schedule for your baby and do it.


Try to let your baby play during the day, reduce the time for siesta or don’t let your baby take a nap too late.


It is best to change the bath time to half an hour before bed-an hour before, so that the baby can relax and fall asleep easily.

  Also remind parents that when you want to adjust your baby’s sleep, also pay attention to whether the baby is full?

Is the diaper dry?

Is there any discomfort?

After you rule out these conditions, you can start your baby’s sleep adjustment program.

  Eating night milk is also the reason why your baby wakes up at night, so adjust the time when your child drinks milk.

The method is:?

Increase your baby’s milk before going to bed.


In the middle of the night when the baby is clamoring for milk, you can use boiling water instead of milk, and slowly quit the baby’s habit of drinking milk at midnight.


Increase the last milk concentration.