Face stress with a smile


Give up meaningless stubbornness.

  Some people always want to get everything, but they are afraid of losing a little, and they are unwilling to give up. This kind of psychology often leads you to gain and lose, and live through every day with heavy burdens.

These difficulties are often magnified at this time.

The key is to abandon the meaningless stubborn pursuit and seize the major business events.


Resolutely do not “full eugenics”.

  The standard for many white-collar workers is perfect.

Essentially, not all work is perfect.

When countless jobs come in, 80 points is enough for some tasks. It is the most important thing to ensure that the most important thing is 100 points.


The courage to be a “challenger”.

  Sometimes the level of stress comes from your escape from certain things.

But when you challenge your limits, or even take a small step to success, you will be more confident.

In this way, try new work methods every day, even try some extreme sports, etc., can help you reduce stress.


Develop a schedule.

  When an individual has a perfect schedule and it is being implemented gradually, there is no needless pressure.

Because everything is under control.

The schedule is a good “supervisor”