The right way to run is everyone suitable for running

Everyone should know that running is a good way to lose weight.

With the emphasis on health and body shape, more and more people are joining the running sport.

Running looks simple, but it’s actually learned.

Let ‘s take a look at the right way for senior runners to share their runs.

  Brief introduction of senior runner Shao Zhengang: Currently, he has completed more than 30 marathons, more than 20 races in Malaysia, more than 10 races in half horses, and 1 super horse in Hong Kong.

Including the first Taiwan Marathon, Beijing Marathon and Hong Kong Super Marathon, etc., a total of 4 official rabbits (leaders) were held.

In 2015, the Guangzhou University Running Charity Federation was formed and was invited by the 2015 Hong Kong Super Marathon International Organizing Committee to take part in volunteer services and successfully complete the 6-hour super horse race.

Since 2013, he has combined running with public welfare and cooperated with public welfare organizations every year. He has successfully collected more than 30,000 yuan worth of educational materials for children in mountainous areas.

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Is everyone suitable for running?

  Most people are actually suitable for running, with the exception of genetic diseases or heart disease, but if the body is uncomfortable with a cold and fever, it is not suitable for running.


Preparation before running Stretching and warming up before running can stretch the muscles and avoid easy injury. You can eat properly one hour before running. Normally, after running, you should drink some running shoes for 15-20 minutes.Professional running shoes should be larger than normal because they move during running; running clothes should be breathable and absorb sweat. The lighter the better, the best time to run is in the morning or evening. The most scientific time is generallyFrom five to seven in the evening.

It is best to do a physical examination before participating in the marathon. If you are going to participate in a marathon, it is best to go to the hospital to check whether the body has hidden diseases.


The daily running time is preferably more than 30 minutes. For ordinary people, the amount of daily running is not absolute. The daily running time is best to be more than 30 minutes. It can be burned slightly, combined with anaerobic exercise,Better weight loss.


How to keep running? During the running process, it is difficult to breathe. If you want to give up, you can give yourself some encouragement and conviction, such as rewarding yourself with something after running, eating food that does not change high, or enjoying the big after running.The sweaty feeling can be shared with runners, etc., all are reasons to keep myself going.


The way to run on the ground. Generally, the running posture of the person is to touch the forefoot or the forefoot and the middle of the foot first, and finally to the heel to the ground. The forefoot touches the ground first to reduce the pressure. At the same time, the correct running posture can reduce the pressure on the whole body.All horse players also have heels first. No matter what way, it is most important to suit yourself.


Stretching cannot be done immediately after running. It is important to slow down breathing and heart rate. Stretching after running is also very important8.

Do not run more than 10% of the week last week. For adult runners, do not run more than 10% of the week last week. 9.

Compared to running yourself, we should not compare with others during the running process, everyone can go beyond themselves; 10.

11. Running needs to enjoy this process. Running is a continuous lifestyle, but also a happy and healthy lifestyle. During the running process, you must continuously observe the inside of your body and enjoy the process; 11.

Long-distance jogging does not make your calves thicker. Long-distance jogging does not make your calves thick. It only makes the muscle lines more compact and beautiful. Only short-distance jogging requires explosive force to make the calves thick.

The breathing of running should be properly breathed in the nasal cavity in accordance with the rhythm of each person. If you find it difficult to breathe during running, you can slow down the speed appropriately and do not make each step too large to adjust to a suitable speed.If you can say a word to others in the process to prove that this speed is still possible, you can also test it with other software.

  Through the correct running method shared by the above senior runners, I hope it will be helpful to friends who want to lose weight and friends who love running.