Sprinting with children

Parents pay more attention to the college entrance examination than candidates.

Some people say that this is the “second test room” outside the college entrance examination.

  Now, it’s only more than 60 days before the college entrance examination. Candidates’ parents should do what they should do when they are facing major and important choices in life, so as to truly understand the examinee’s heart and guide his future, withoutYu blind help, help out?

    Exams are no longer solely for candidates, most of them are for parents.

How can parents “prepare for exams” in order to make their children easily challenge.

  Parents also suffer from “pre-exam syndrome”?

  [Perspective]Emotions fluctuate with performance “The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer, and my heart is even more ups and downs. In the past few days, I ca n’t wait for the college entrance examination. Fortunately, it ‘s good or bad, but I have a mind.”Yang Ping told us that in the face of the college entrance examination, his nervousness is not less than that of his son in high school. He can even be described as suffering.

“Now in the family, I dare not breathe. The couple lay down at night and talked about the end of the college entrance examination. The child didn’t feel anything. He fell asleep when he was tired. Instead, he couldn’t do it.
In the interview, the author found that the college entrance examination was imminent. The parents of too many candidates were even more nervous than the candidates, and even suffered from so-called “pre-exam syndrome” such as anxiety and anxiety.

  In response to the above phenomena, Professor Wang Jisheng of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out, “We should also pay attention to the mental health of parents while we are concerned about the mental health of candidates.

He analyzed that during the college entrance examination, the reason why some parents show quite serious psychological concerns is that their expectations of their children are too high.

“Most of the parents of today’s candidates have gone through turbulent years. They have suffered from not having to read and want to read, so they put all their hopes on their children.

With student grading, parents often participate more deeply in the “meaning” of the college entrance examination.

Some candidates ‘parents’ life patterns change their children ‘s daily diet and changes, and their moods also change their child ‘s performance on each test. In this sense, parents ca n’t avoid the psychological pressure before their children ‘s college entrance examination.

  [Reminder]Beware of comparison psychology Wang Jisheng pointed out that parents now regard their children as their pride, and the subject of relatives and friends cannot be separated from the child’s college entrance examination.

  Therefore, parents must beware of breeding comparisons.

There are individual differences between different candidates. If parents do not accept reality, they can only make their children more nervous and less confident.

  In fact, for the college entrance examination, parents should also have a normal attitude. Only when the parent’s mentality is peaceful, the substitution effect on the candidates will be minimized, so that the candidates can calmly go to the exam.

Wang Jisheng specially reminded parents not to use threatening methods to stimulate candidates’ enthusiasm for learning, which can not press the actual results.

  Do parents accompany the test?

  [Perspective]Do not inadvertently add pressure to the college entrance examination expansion. Many parents naturally treat their children as “key protection objects”. It is not uncommon to include clothes, food, accommodation, and transportation.

The hard work of the parents is nothing more than to let the children pass the exam without fail, but does it work?

  In the case of accompany reading, there are candidates who reflect that they are reviewing themselves, and their parents are reading at the same time, which makes them uncomfortable.

After all, parents and candidates are two different people with different ideas and discrepancies in learning methods.

In particular, some parents still have to dwell on the candidate’s review method, which may interfere with the candidate’s normal review.

  Besides, accompany exams.

The college entrance examination is a life event for candidates, and it is also a life event for parents.

One candidate’s parents said: “If you don’t watch your child walk into the exam room, your heart won’t collapse!

“In fact, parents’ test accompaniment is equivalent to shortening the distance from the test. Once a candidate fails, their emotions will directly infect the parents.

Parents will not be able to soothe the candidates’ emotions well, which is very unfavorable for the next test.

  Wang Jisheng believes that among the many factors that affect students’ test scores, psychological factors come first, and the impact of family environment on the examinee’s psychology is crucial.

Many candidates feel more or less pressure from the family, and parents unintentionally occupy the role of stressors.

  [Reminder]Knowing how to “grasp the big and let the small” In fact, reviewing the exam preparation is the candidate’s own business. Parents should not be too specific. They should know “grasp the big and let the small”, and mainly remind candidates on principles and strategies.

Especially now that there is not much time, we must implement “big goals, small steps, and move forward.”

  Wang Jisheng said to the parents, “I believe that my children, as long as they have worked hard during the test, should let them enter the test room with confidence.

“Parents are emotionally stable and happy, and transforming candidates into positive psychological cues will help candidates to be emotionally stable and enhance their confidence.

On the contrary, parents are emotionally unstable and tense, which is a negative hint to candidates.

  [Guideline]What should parents do in the last 60 days?   Rehabilitation after the mock test At present, most schools have already passed the mock test. Because the first and second models have the bottom taste, the test scores are particularly important in the minds of candidates.

But in fact, many candidates take mock exams and they are also prone to worry and anxiety.

  At this time, parents should pay special attention and try their best to help the candidates face the problem of grades, and give the candidates care and affirmation.

Candidates’ worst enemy is actually themselves. As long as parents can actively and easily face problems, children will naturally realize positive support.

Otherwise, under the vicious circle, candidates’ confidence may be severely affected.

  Volunteer applicants should prepare for the college entrance examination. “Volunteer for college entrance examination is equal to giving extra points to the college entrance examination.” It is necessary to fill in the volunteers in May.Impose on the children so as not to affect their review and examination.

Parents guide their children to apply for volunteers, not to replace them. Candidates are mainly based on candidates.

  For registration, parents need to know the first volunteer, and to know whether the college or university they are enrolling in recruits second volunteer students.

As for the college or professional major when applying for the test, parents must know their own and the actual level of their children.

  Emergency measures should be done well If parents find that candidates have physical symptoms, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and do not take medicine by themselves.

For female candidates, parents should also pay special attention to the emergency measures that come during the monthly college leave during the college entrance examination.

In addition, parents do not need to worry if the child’s temperature is high before the test the night.

You should get in touch with the school as soon as possible to arrange the relevant matters for the next day’s examination.

  Sensitive issues are dealt with carefully. In the face of the college entrance examination, many families are “stretching tight strings” from top to bottom. Parents are often prone to overexperience when they encounter special situations and sensitive issues.

  For example, if a candidate falls in love, parents often find it easy to be overly nervous once they find out that they can even “overturn a boat with a single pole.”

  Experts remind you not to force candidates on what to do. Too strong is very easy to stimulate the rebellious psychology of young people. It is necessary to arrange more exchanges and communication with the candidates, and use an understanding mentality to talk to the candidates.