[How to make monkey tea leaves]_Transformation tea_How to make tea

There are many types of tea. Different types of tea have different health effects on the human body. Monkey Kui tea is very valuable tea. Generally, there are very few monkey Kui tea on the market.The brewing is very particular. If the brewing method is not correct, then the flavor and nutritional value of Houkui tea will be different. How can Houkui tea be brewed?

Step 1: Make tea set, don’t underestimate this step. For making tea, it is very important to choose the right tea set. Only by choosing the right tea set, will the tea’s fragrant alcohol be changed.Well released.

For Hoi Kui, we can choose a straight transparent glass, which can not only better scent the tea, but also enjoy the slowly stretching process of tea.

Step 2: Warm the cup, pour the prepared transparent glass into the boiling water to half, carefully warm the cup fully to allow the cup temperature to rise, and prepare for the next placement of tea leaves to smell.

Step 3: Set tea, do n’t put too much when putting tea. Take a glass with a volume of 260 ml as an example. It is better to put 3-5 grams of tea. After finishing the end and end, put the root down and it is warmIn the cup.

At this time, you can ask the representatives of tea tasting to smell the aroma. At this moment, there must be a refreshing aroma.

Step 4: Inject water. The richness of Hou Kuiwei is rich and the water temperature is not high. You can use boiling water above 95 degrees for brewing.

When pouring water, it should be poured from the wall of the cup, and the cup is tilted 45 degrees slowly along the wall of the cup. Do not fill it. It is better to dip the tea 1/2 place. Straighten the cup body.
The tea leaves neatly added to the cup will not spread out.

At this point you can watch the buds slowly stretch.

Step 5: For tea, some people like large mouthfuls, some people like small mouthfuls, then you can taste it according to your own preferences, but it must be noted that you must not drink all the water before adding water.You can add water at any time. Such a cup of tea can be used throughout the day.

How to buy good quality monkey tea?

1. The shape of the pacific monkey Quebec is very straight and strong. In short, it is relatively large, with two leaves and one bud, and the leaves are 5 to 7 cm long. This is a unique natural environment that makes fresh leaves more tender.This is a unique feature of Taiping Hou Kui, and other teas are difficult to mix with fish.

After brewing, the buds and leaves become plump, like white orchids with buds.

This is a distinguishing feature of the best. The shapes of other grades are very different, so you need to carefully distinguish from color, fragrance and taste.

2. The color of Taiping Monkey is pale and green, and it looks dark and green in the dark. It is even greener in the sun, and there is no yellowing.

After brewing, the bottom of the leaves is bright green.

3, the aroma is high and long-lasting. Taiping Hou Kui is more resistant to bubbles than ordinary local teas. “Three bubbles and four bubbles still exist”, and generally have orchid fragrance.

4, the taste of Taiping Monkey Kui tastes fresh and mellow, sweet aftertaste, even when the tea is overdose, not bitter or astringent.

Those who do not make tea can often feel light and tasteless. Some people say that “sweet fragrance is like blue, quiet but not stubborn. It is indifferent and seems tasteless.

Called after, there is a kind of harmonious qi, which is reduced between the teeth and jaws. This tasteless taste, even taste. “