Misleading couples in sexual life

This is a question that many men are skeptical and full of prejudice.

In fact, the woman’s vagina is an inclusive organ that can accommodate a baby’s transplant.

Sexologists have found that the female clitoris is the most sensitive organ, followed by the vaginal opening inside the labia, and the vaginal nerve sensor is mainly concentrated in the outer 1/3. The less the distribution is, the less sensitive it is.

hzh {display: none; }  因此,在性快感方面,阴茎并非越大越好,大的阴茎使女性感到局部疼痛的情况远远高于正常大小的阴茎。  The length of sexual activity Although short-term sexual behavior often does not fully satisfy both men and women, sexual activity is not as long as possible. The key is to enable the woman to have sufficient lust to start time.

If sexual behavior begins when the woman is not fully prepared, then the sexual behavior is longer, and the female response is cold. 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even more can not reach orgasm; and if prepared, sexual excitementIn high cases, most women are sexually active.

Orgasm can be reached in 5 minutes.

  About, the entire sex time is 10?
Most men and women are satisfied in 20 minutes.

Sexual behavior is too long, often causing fatigue, local sensitivity is reduced, and even tired and tired.

Of course, there are individual differences in resistance in this area.

  The nature of female orgasm and even orgasm can make women extremely happy and satisfied, but it is not necessary.

In fact, for women, the initial stay in sexual life is not sexual orgasm, and the strong sexual excitement is enough to cope with the realization that this is “sexual satisfaction without sexual orgasm”.

At this time, they have the wetness of the sexual organs and the release of physical tension and spiritual satisfaction.

Many sexologists believe that if women can have 5 in 10 sex lives?
It has been quite good to reach orgasm 7 times.

  There are many reasons for women’s lack of orgasm: there is no real “mature” in sexual psychology, hormone confusion, improper care and sexual behavior, and too much ejaculation by husband.

Of course, there are some of the above “sexual satisfaction without orgasm.”

Although many women do not experience orgasm, they are satisfied with their husband’s sexual life and are satisfied with their husbands.

  The wife does not have an orgasm. The responsibility is not necessarily in the husband, but more likely that their sexual life is not harmonious. For example, the wife is too introverted to suppress her sexual reaction; the husband does not know what the wife needs, and she understands it though.I don’t want to say it; although my wife can reach orgasm, she must adopt a position that seems to be less “decent”, and she tries to cover up her own demands, and so on.

  Therefore, in order to reach orgasm, mutual understanding and full expression between husband and wife is crucial.

  The warmth between husband and wife, especially the wife showing love to her husband, does not mean having sex.

They need more caress, including loving kisses, hugs and strokes, even slogans, and more understanding of the care, love and comfort of the lovers.

As the marital scientist Sild said: “As a kind of art, caress can lead to a great pleasure, no less than the pleasure of sex itself.

  In the marriage life that people yearn for and pursue, caress should be taken seriously.

Some people may be reluctant to accept squally sex, but no one seems unwilling to accept caress.

Therefore, for the love signal sent by the lover, don’t “get the wrong dock on the wrong boat”, thinking that the lover is eager to be warm and eager for sex.

  A harmonious sexual life, a harmonious sex life requires both men and women to reach orgasm at the same time?

In fact, under normal circumstances, it is difficult for both men and women to reach orgasm at the same time in each sexual life.

According to some sources, only 18% of couples can reach orgasm at the same time in a natural situation.

The artificially adjusted orgasm arrival time is often unfavorable, because it will increase the ideological burden in the process of sexual behavior, making people afraid that the time of arrival of orgasm can not be achieved, and do everything possible to restrain their orgasm from reaching in advance, so thatOn the contrary, it causes sexual excitement and sexual ability to be inhibited, and even leads to the occurrence of “expective neurosis”.

  In fact, a harmonious sex life does not necessarily require both men and women to reach orgasm at the same time, but what is really needed is the physical pleasure that both sides care about each other, considerate and understand, and on this basis.

  Silent sex life Silent sex life is lack of emotions, which is a common misunderstanding of women.

Of course, if you can do it perfectly in your sexual life and you can hear the confession, it would be great.

But these tend to cause distraction in men, and sexual excitement is inhibited.

Some foreign sexologists say it well: At this time, women have two choices, or listen to each other’s love confession, but his erection is not ideal, or with the engrossed husband who is silent.
  The conversational problem between husband and wife is the attitude and way of the conversation between the husband and wife.

If the conversation becomes a quarrel, it is naturally not conducive to the solution of the problem and seriously affects the intimate relationship between the two parties.

When both spouses communicate on sexual issues, they should be active, enthusiastic and sincere. At the same time, they should speak with a sense of proportion. If necessary, they should be implicit and euphemistic. In the conversation, pay attention to the other party’s opinions and think that the other’s intentions are expressed.Your own sexual requirements can’t be imposed on others, and you can’t do things that are hard to do.
The love of both sexes is both a request and a dedication. Both sides should make a choice in their sexual behavior.

When you master the principles of these sexual behaviors, the dialogue problem between husband and wife can enhance the couple’s emotions.

  Whether sexual suspicion comes from masturbation For a long time, people think that masturbation makes people weak, spirited, and even suffers from mental illness and other incurable diseases.

With the popularization of sexual science knowledge, more and more people realize that masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Sexologists say that for young people, masturbation is a floodgate. When young sexual desire is excited, it saves them from “**” and finds a way to solve the sexual turbulence of young people.

For adults, it can alleviate the tension caused by the lack of sexual life and has a good supporting effect on the human sexual system.

  Sexual activities after menopause Men and women have reached menopause. As the age increases, the hypogonadism eventually stops and enters a new physiological stage, but this does not mean the termination of gender activities.

Foreign to 4246 50?
A 93-year-old male and female sexual function survey showed that 3/4 of older women older than 60 and older men older than 70 still have sex, and 3/4 of men over 70 still have sex, while 70More than 1/2 of the above women are sexual studies.

A domestic survey also showed that more than half of the elderly had more normal sexual desire, while those who lost sexual desire were 12%, only a minority.

  In fact, there is a large amount of research data at home and abroad that the adherence of regular sexual life to middle-aged and elderly people is conducive to deepening the feelings of elderly couples, preventing premature aging of sexual organs, and also contributing to longevity.

Of course, the sexual life of the elderly is not necessarily a sexual act, and mutual caress can also enable them to have sexual satisfaction, and thus earnestly enjoy great pleasure.