Test that he is a man who can change his mind easily?

Translation: Will your other half change the phone fast?

  A, in fact, it ‘s very fast. You can change B as soon as you have money. On average, you can change C in two or three months. You can change D once in half a year.Is it possible to change the answer analysis: Choose A: “Actually very soon, probably as long as you have money.” He is a person who likes old and new, and seems to be the same for girlfriends.

Not that you are bad, but that he is easily attracted to girls with different merits.

If you unfortunately fall in love with such a person, in addition to avoiding him to avoid being tempted and controlling his money, there is actually no good way except to supervise.

  Option B: “Change on average about two or three months.” He is a curious baby. Even if he is not willing, he may do it because of the encouragement of his friends or the temptation of the sound and light environment.

His grasp of moral scale is not so obvious, so take a good look at his whereabouts.

Let him know how much you love him and how you don’t want him to betray you.

For him, a warm offensive is very useful.

  Choice C: Choose “About half a year” Basically, he should be a person you can trust, as long as your love is not in crisis.

He still likes to enjoy and love.

So if you really love him, don’t bother him with some gossip. He likes you to be coquettish and doesn’t like to make troubles unreasonably.

Keep love in a sweet state, you don’t need to worry about him being derailed.

  Choice D: Choose “Infrequently, the frequency is about a year or so.” He is a rational person and has a deep concern for morality, so he will not mess with girls outside.

However, the heterosexual friend who was with him day and night beside him had to be careful, because he was usually unguarded, but he was able to develop special friendships. Although he could restrain reason, it would still be a scandal if it broke out.

  Choice E: Choose “May be changed when it is very worn out”. He is a more traditional and conservative person, and is easily bound by traditional morality. You don’t need to worry about any affair he will have outside.

It ‘s just that he may not be romantic, and many things will come to him later. Unless he is rational, do n’t do mystery and let him guess. As long as the method is used properly, you can get along well.