Such office sexual harassment

The first reaction to sexual harassment is shouting.

The ambiguity caused by sexual harassment: The harassment speech that Hyperthyroidism overcomes, B may disapprove; the inappropriate harassment behavior on the occasion of A can be readily accepted on the occasion of B, and even enhance the relationship.

Conversely, if all the words and deeds with a little “taste” and “color” are treated harshly, not only will others feel that they are trivial, but they may also lose a good working environment.

As someone said, moderate sexual harassment is tolerable and acceptable inside the office. In fact, this phenomenon also exists in many office spaces in a long-term and harmonious manner.

Go ahead, we can disapprove, but we can listen.

  Case 1 can bear “Dear” Jie Ying is the planning director, my boss.

She was in her early thirties and was married to a woman.

It ‘s only been three months since I came from the mainland to this advertising company in Shenzhen. She seems to be very fond of me. She has already let me end the trial period in advance, and has entrusted me with heavy tasks and participated in some large-scale projects.

She always looked at me with gentleness and affection.

  One night late, I was still working overtime, Jie Ying approached, and her eyes were full of: “Xiao Huang, why are you still working overtime?

“I turned my head to look at the clock in the case. It was already over 1am.

I stretched out: “Well, I have to report to the developer early in the morning, and I have to work overtime.

“Jieying” said “Oh” and immediately thoughtful as follows: “Work is important, but don’t be tiring.

Such a handsome guy is tired and I can’t bear it.

“I smiled and patted my chest:” Young, hold up.

She smiled, “Come, let me see how it is done?”

“When I said it, I came to my computer and looked down at the screen to see that most of the copy was printed.

She held the mouse in one hand, and one hand naturally rested on the back of my chair, as if holding me in her arms, her face almost sticking to my nose without taboo, a refreshing fragranceImmediately got into my nose.

  It was difficult to seduce. I moved aside hardly, trying to stay away from her, but the ghost made a difference, but turned my head slightly to see her.

She wore a low-cut top with a large neckline at the moment, and I could clearly see that her pink lace corset had a tall chest.

At this moment, my desire was stripped away, my blood was fluttering, my heart was trembling, and I was in a clump . You know, this temptation is good for a woman who once experienced a woman, but now she is all aloneFor men, it is almost impossible to pass!

  Jie Ying suddenly turned her head and looked at me, her eyes flashing with burning light: “Why, shy, the young people are not open to me yet.

“I blushed to the back of my head, and Nono responded:” No, I’m not shy.

“In fact, it feels good to be liked by a beautiful and charming woman.

If this is also regarded as a kind of harassment by me, then this kind of harassment that does not try to break through the bottom line of the relationship between men and women is also regarded as a “pro” in life, and I can even accept it.

  Case 2 Part-time job is a slight betrayal. Manager Shao called and called me to his office, saying that there are still a few details to be dealt with in my normal procedure.

In the open office area, he has already made many “little moves” to go to his independent office. I can’t help but start to panic. However, thinking of the difficulty of finding a job, I went in with my head.

This time, his hand no longer stayed on my hand, or touched beyond, and his mouth murmured “Really like my daughter .”, I was so cold that I saw him going “one step further””The mobile phone in my pocket usually rang suddenly. I hurriedly picked it up, pretended to answer the phone, and then said sorry to him,” Manager Shao, our department manager asked me to take care of the situation and hurry to the meeting.

“He was dissatisfied, but still let me out.

  Later, I entered the president’s office, and I had my own independent grid next to the president’s office.

  However, I soon learned why I was so successful.

After overtime, the president even sent me back in person, and I dare not refuse.

Sitting in the wide back seat of his dash, he even stretched his hand to my lap regardless of the driver being in the car . he said that he liked me, that my temperament was exactly what he liked . I was nervous.I didn’t dare to move. Through the rearview mirror, I saw that the driver seemed to be commonplace and focused on driving without expression.

  I usually sit in my seat. He passes by my seat occasionally, and often puts his hand on me to pinch. Sometimes, he will touch me.

At these times, my heart was beating like a drum, and I was so scared that I didn’t dare to say anything.

Until one day, accompanying the president to a customer product launch I participated in designing, in the car that came back, he suddenly said, “I really want a lover like you.

“At that moment, I felt my blood was clotting.

He seemed to have no idea how he had stimulated me, and he easily changed the topic and started talking about the press conference that had just ended.And I, this time, I was really thinking about resigning and leaving.

  I thought I had adapted to the “hidden rules” of the workplace and had become accustomed to staying silent in the face of infringements by “big men” who were trying to control my power of life and death.

I know that I have betrayed my dual talents and diligence. I know that part-time work is a slight betrayal, but it ‘s not me that is wrong. Why do they always want more when I endure all this

  Case 3 Unmanned harassment is also a kind of depressing to meet Xiao Liao in the corridor. The tall and handsome man saw me and nodded and smiled, “Sister Ye .” My heart beats, but he just said hello.

As soon as the bathroom door was closed, he heard Zhang Qian talking with him, “The beauty is so pretty today, especially this low-cut skirt, which shows a good figure.

It seems that it is time for me to dream again at night . “” Go away, dare to eat tofu, and die . “Zhang Qian came in with a smile.

When she saw me, she smiled and said, “Fuck, this boy is always harassing me. If it were not for his handsome face, I wouldn’t have left him.

“I froze and turned to look at myself in the mirror.

Inside is a woman with a little look, always smiling lightly, and looks pretty pleasing to the eye!

I asked Zhang Qian, “Fairy, you said, why didn’t anyone bother me!

Am I so serious!

“I suddenly felt a little inferior, especially on a beautiful TV station like Yun Yun. I thought I didn’t really have the charm of attracting men. Otherwise, I’m almost thirty and still single!

  ”No one is harassing you!

Look at you, and look depressed.

If it were me, it would be too late to rejoice!

“She laughed at me a lot. I have repeatedly stated that this is a serious problem. She was serious and thought about it.” You are a news anchorwoman, as if it is a symbol of orthodoxy, so most men are afraid to make fun of you.
“I suddenly envy Zhang Qian.

Although she is often sexually harassed by her male office colleagues, sometimes forced to catch yellow text messages, and often eaten tofu intentionally or unintentionally, it also shows that she is obese in the eyes of men.

And I, everyone is sitting right in front of me. The relationship between colleagues always feels weak and not at all harmonious.

Zhang Qian often refused to say that men harassed her. I know that women hate sexual harassment.

But the depression at this time made me understand: It turned out that no one was harassing, it was also a kind of depression!