Bellevue Baby Inflatable Water Mat

This product is made of high-quality plastic, which is soft and has no sharp edges. It can be played by children after inflation.

The water cushion is set against the background of the ocean and has a variety of colorful animal shapes. It is a good playmate for young children.

  Gift features: Inflatable outer layer, soft and easy to grasp, inner water-filled layer, colorful fish and submarine inside, when the baby pats, the small fish inside will dance through the water waves, it is lively.

  Gift description: Cold or warm water can be implanted in the inflatable water cushion according to different needs (note: the water temperature cannot exceed 40 ° C).

While the baby is playing, choose different hot and cold water temperatures in series to help reduce or increase the ambient temperature.

  The inflatable water cushion is printed with colorful patterns. The water cushion contains 5 types of toy accessories, which can attract the baby to crawl, touch, and grab on the cushion.

Instruct your baby to exercise the coordination of crawling, scratching, fingering and other actions, and simply contact and understand the concepts of water, fish, and boat.

  When the baby bathes in the bathtub, the inflatable water cushion can be laid in the basin, and the baby can sit on the water cushion to increase the fun of bathing.

In addition, the inflatable water cushion is also suitable for use when the baby is outdoors, for example, it can be laid on the lawn, the beach, and other places for the baby to lie, lie down, sit, etc. on the inflatable water cushion.

Selling points: The material of the inflatable water cushion is water-resistant and moisture-proof; after inflation, it has a “mat” function, which is more suitable for use in bathrooms, beaches and other places.

  Gift price: 69 yuan Gift material: high-quality plastic; packing type: window box gift size: box size: 14.

3 * 5 * 23.

5CM; Carton size: 49 * 31 * 35CM Weight: 255g; Suitable for babies over 6 months Practical index: ★★★★ Unique creative index: ★★★ Continuously remembered index: ★★★ Have face index:★★